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tup n : uncastrated adult male sheep; "a British term is `tup'" [syn: ram] [also: tupping, tupped]

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tupe: origin unknown.



  1. A male sheep, a ram.
  2. The head of a hammer, and particularly of a steam-driven hammer.
    • "Those familiar with drop forging are accustomed to sizing drop hammers as 1 ton or 5 ton or whatever. This measure of the size is simply the weight of the tup. The total weight of the helve of No 2 is about 6.4 tons."
    • "This is the modern equivalent of smith forging where the limited force of the blacksmith has been replaced by the mechanical or steam hammer. The process can be carried out by open forging where the hammer is replaced by a tup and the metal is manipulated manually on an anvil."
    • Rockwell hardness test: A method of measuring hardness. The hardness is expressed as a number related to the depth of the residual penetration. A test for determining the hardness of a material based on the depth of penetration of a specified penetrator in to the specimen under certain arbitrarily fixed condition of test. A hardness test where the loss in kinetic energy of a falling diamond tipped metal tup, absorbed by indentation upon impact of the tup on the metal being tested is indicated by the height of rebound.



  • See ram for translations


  1. Regional English ?: To butt: said of a ram.
  2. The act of a ram mating with a ewe.
  3. To have sex with, to bonk, etc.



  • 1902: Websters: - to butt.
  • 1986: Concise Oxford: - hammer.



  1. blunt




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A tup is a ram, a male sheep. Tup or TUP may also mean:
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